This semester going to a end...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Well, this semester is approaching to the end. Right now is the study week, most of friends went home, me too. The street of university going to be silent, and the smell of stress is going to become denser and denser. This is a normal phenomenon in most universities.

But for me, the thoughts in my mind are getting complicated, I can sense that. Financial, academic, lovers, friends, capabilities, attitude, all these elements always get streamed in my mind on and off. Life isn't a simple thing when you aim for higher than normal people. However, in detail, I feel that it is not about my goals in my life is higher than others, but is different than others.
I don't like being in red sea environment (红海)but being in blue sea(蓝海)in comfortable for me. This is from business term, because I don't like to fight the same things with others but fight different things for myself. This is my life philosophy.

Actually I'm sick of working for money but money working for me is better for me. I would like to use all my free times to do something more worth to the mankind and the world. You see the people nowadays working is for their life get the so called money, when they get free space and time, they spend for their own benefits. From working, they bypass their contribution to the society, but in you a serious question asking you that: if you have a chance to not to work, will you? Definitely! I won't! Why we have to work? We have several reason, money, faces, satisfaction, social identiy, and more... but most are for themselves do you notice that? Anyone working for the world? Stupid factor to work for the world right? Haiz... This is the culture that has significant destructive power to collapse the earth...
I'm just frustrated with the attitude of egoism for people nowadays...

Why involve this topic already ah? =.=

Next semester will be my second year, it's more tough as predicted. But I'm not scared at all, I can't wait to get through them indeed. I found an attitude to face all these challenges, it is the energetic attitude. Agree or not? If you're being energetic enough, your mind is be critical, conscious enough and speedy enough...

There are a lot of hard time waiting for me to go through out there. It's not just a hard word can describe them, but a misery maybe. I will keep one perception is my mind:
But hor, if life doesn't has any hard time, will that life be meaningful? Wow, it sounds like I should appreciate each hard time and love them much, it is the source of meaningful and colorful!

Since when I being so confused about my writing in my blog ah? The thing is just like there are a lot of things in my gut but don't know how to spell out. Hahax... that is why sometimes my action is faster than my blog....

OK la, this sem is going to end, just boost for all my papers. When the sem break starts, I wanna grasp my time to read more books! Enhance my knowledge in investment for passive income. Being unemployed before 30 is my dream and now I'm going for it!!!

To everyone I loved: Cherish our life forever~!
When a new semester comes, we fight for our life again! Miss you all so much!!!

3rd Anniversary with my beloved dear~~~

3 years ago from the date and time of 2/12/2006, 2 a.m. Our relation was in love. In the conversation through space (through phone) in a distanced places, but we started out relationship.

3 years later and it is now, we still in relationship in loved. There are uncountable arguments and problems we gone through, sorrow and happiness are major parts in our relationship.

This year our anniversary was postponed later in one day because the date didn't match out free time. Below are photos taken during our simple and sweet celebration...

We bought meat in tesco, we made watermelon juice, we cooked spaghetti and its source. It was delicious!!! we made this sweet sweet dinner together and enjoyed it slowly. Cheers!!!

It was a happy ending...


When the time I 1st met my gf in westlake (cause she has been fetching me back Ipoh) I was very disappointed. I'm a guy who really don't like to see others bad faces. It is so not respectful for me. Then? we argued again la... Both angry like hell, threw spec some more. Haiz... was me again stepped in a kind manners, taking the initiative to speak softly even though both had wrong in this case. So what? I'm a male, I'm only the one should take initiative to comfort her... So hard to achieve that. I just forget about it, hope it really won't happen again.

The financial condition for my gf and me is worst. We can't afford to do many things. I have to ear bread everyday in my uni life also. Haiz... Beauty is the only only important for a female? My gf has been buying shishedo for her beauty without considering future financial planning but on concentrate in beauty. I don't like that. If I take those RM 300 from buying expensive products to go for invest, the return is much more greater, but normal female doesn't notice that. They like to save and save their money just for their beauty. What for? Just for beauty? Is that the everything through out your life? I as her bf, has to help me in financial things. I surely love her, that is why I sincerely willing to spend my money on her life. I know have much more hard to go if I lose control of my financial planning. In fact,. I lost my financial support, but I will to. Because it's solely I love her... Dear, knowledge, personality and inner beauty are richer and valuer than beauty... We cannot too concentrate on a single part in our life. Because it will give rise of unbalance lifestyle...

In end, I just have to say, I love you so much, 3 years is a prove for us to stay longer and stonger! Muack!!!!!!

Boring classes

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This short sem started already, but most of the classes are bored,making me feel sleepy on classes. Hahax... however, I think this situation will end soon as the assigment things coming on and on...

Nice to be here... yesterday gathered with my friends which I met since the orientation of uni of my Jan intake. We ate steamboat and played mafia last night, syoknya~ Most of my kampar family gang not here around, but still have to go on. 1506 is very silent...

New semester begins lu!!! Yeah!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

This is a short semester which consists of only 7 teaching weeks...

I have 3 subjects to be studied during this semester i.e. Organization Human Resource (OHR), Interpersonal Communication (IPC) and Introduction to Japanese (JAP). All are my minors... I'm happy because this sem has no report need to do (because no laboratory)!!!

This evening when I was packing and tidying my room, I found out a sheet with meaningful contains.
-> You don't have to know "How To" before setting the goal. You set the goal and then you will see the "How To"!
-> Fear is sometimes a false evidence of appearing things...
-> Tomorrow is today!!! (Try to think in detail... Today is tomorrow of yesterday. So today is tomorrow and vice versa)
-> When you keep energy to the problem, the problem grows...

You know what, sometimes a little statement may make you have a great change. But look out, some of the statements sound meaningful but not necessary true. For example, "能够用钱解决的问题就不是问题啦~" This statement itself has big problem but too many people don't realize that. When you get a statement, it sounds meaningful, but you have to digest it 1st before putting it into your soul.

However, I'm so happy about this sem not because it doesn't has report, is actually because of I can study. I know many children or teenagers out there are waiting chances to be educated, but sadly they can't get it. Well now I want grab this great opportunity to study, besides study for the pointer, but rather than the knowledge... 人穷也不能穷知识!

My CE Y1S2 Result...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

GPA: 2.5125 (From 2.9 dropped to 2.5)
CGPA: 2.7188 (From 2.9 dropped to 2.7)

The above result accompanied with a grade of F for my Computer paper... Not bad lo. Got a "F" (failed) still can get GPA 2.5, not bad lo...

This is the result that I predicted right after I missed my computer paper... GPA 2.5 was I predicted previously can now I get a GPA 2.5125, same lo... I can accept la... With this situation now, I just be satisfied lo... CGPA 2.7188, Left 0.3 to chase back... I can de!!!

From another view,
As I was a bad boy in secondary school, now turned to be an undergraduate, and also with CGPA near to 3.0, satisfied lo. I know I can do even better, but slowly ba... I'm just 1st year, two more years to go. I can chase back de!!! I want second-upper!!!

Here, I wanna thank all people around me encourage me to move on no matter what happens. Thank for those study with me, teach me when I don't understand, especially the physics, hard ah... Dr Lee (my physics lecturer)... I know I made u disappointed as you put your hope on me so much. But I tried my hard to do my physics, the final exam paper just very difficulty, I already tried my best... Hope you understand me. Thank you Chester, KO, Qsun, Lim, SheeLing and many of my classmates, all of you have accompanied me through out those semesters... Now the new semester is nearly to begin, are you ready? I'm ready!!!

Beside, thank to everyone that are in the "Family" of my Kampar gang... JJ ah, XinYin ah, too many to mention. Sorry that I made u all a suddent suprise that I missed my computer paper... I never hope this happens again...

Overall, satisfied... Hope everyone beside me, no matter what result you get, it's the fact that can't be changed, but the future is something not only to change, is more to create... Look forward my beloved friends!!!

2009 October Sem Breaking...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Well, I'm semester breaking...
Time to rest and rejuvenate!!!

When think back about those Computer paper things again la... Haiz... Actually until now, i still can't get the point, the main reason yet... But it's really a time to change... My life style... yea... my life style.. and the major thing is my thoughts...

I felt that all friends around me have the same opinion, when I put my personal msg on my msn (I want cover back to CGPA 3.0), All msn friends said that it's not a problem for me... but in fact in the reality... it is "is"...


Well, there are many things impede me... but life should be challenging right? No problem comes appear, no learning opportunity... agree?
Haiz... somehow... I just can't overcome it... Can't explain here... Not easy to explain here...(lazy to explain ah~!) IT'S JUST I CREATED PROBLEM TO MYSELF...! ARH~~~!
waste time, money & energy!!! sick of it!

I really want make a clear realization... I don't want the same big mistake appear in my life again!!! I must learn from my mistake!!! 錯中修!!!
Yea... I should not scared/afraid of it...
"不要怕,不要悔。" Because life is a continuous process, time streaming, space obeying...

My next semester is another new semester!!! Another brand new again... new chance... gogogo!!!

Used VS Loved

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


While a man was polishing his new car, his 4 yr old son picked up a stone

and scratched lines on the side of the car.

In anger, the man took the child's hand and hit it many times not
he was using a wrench.

At the hospital, the child lost all his fingers due to multiple

When the child saw his father..... with painful eyes he asked, 'Dad when
will my fingers grow back?'

The man was so hurt and speechless; he went back to his car and kicked it
a lot of times.

Devastated by his own actions...... sitting in front of that car he
looked at the scratches;

the child had written 'LOVE YOU DAD'. The next day that man committed
suicide. . .

Anger and Love have no limits; choose the latter to have a beautiful,
life & remember this:

Things are to be used and people are to be loved.

The problem in today's world is that people are used while things are

Let's try always to keep this thought in mind:

Things are to be used,

People are to be loved.

Watch your thoughts; they become words.

Watch your words; they become actions.

Watch your actions; they become habits.

Watch your habits; they become character;

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

2 girls there, not here anymore... but seem like here also... mind-confused;heart-tight

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sometimes, I'm not clear about myself... Isn't it I don't have any position within? because I'm male? I can't be treated normally?

Any little talk seems like no more space to me involve in, feeling like I have been chased out there...

Too many things are there, but none of those I have the right to involve, I don't have the right to talk even!

Too many things hiding from me! Too many things hurting me! why? i also don't know lo... feel like myself to stupid!

Haiz... In fact, where is my right to involve? There are girls, you're boy! Keep yourself back, don't ever go there, stay everything out, don't bother, don't hear, don't care... Back to myself without having any relation with them... That is solution for this moment only I can find back myself. That is the way for this moment only I can live better.

Back to here... Don't go there... Don't care there... because I don't have the right to be with there indeed. Because no matter how good I be for them, I'm just different with them, I'm just not having right to involve within 2 girls in kampar. Because they are girls!!! I'm BOY!!!


"Moment" this word is really best to describe feelings or mood.
Sometimes, when you don't know how to be yourself or lost out yourself, it will last only in a moment.
Well, within a moment, you have many choices... Well, for me... I prefer push away all those choices and create mine one, i.e. stay at the same frame of mind, having my own thoughts... That would be more comfortable.

I have bad moment, good moment, terrible moment, bored moment, great moment, or even don't have time to stay in a moment.
I prefer to set a moment to myself, only me without others. The moment consists of my world, my thoughts. I love the feelings when I aligned with everything in this world. Having same state of mind with the world. Saying inner world talks, talking to the world is actually talking to myself.

When the busy life can't get away from you, I prefer get myself away from the busy life. Because my moment is my essential moment, I can't live without it and I can't breath without it.

The best thing I ever felt is talking to myself.

Alone? No! I'm talking to myself!

People might think that I'm crazy, I think that you're stupid.

One without his/her own space of moment, you're no longer yourself.

Sometimes, I'm thinking that this is a place where nobody is allowed to go in. My thoughts are mine, not yours. My thoughts are unique. I'm my thoughts.

I have lived on the earth for 21 years...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Busy, busy and busy making me no time to write blog recently... Somehow, this is my space to talk to myself... I have to come back here and have some inner talks.

I have lived on the earth for 21 years... I'm organism, living thing, homo sapiens... hahax.. sure everyone knows... But the point is, as a species of homo sapiens, we know actually what we are doing?

I have been observing so called life on this earth for over 21 years. And even i put so many feelings into it. It's totally undescribable.

Tonight, a silent nite... I didn't know why i couldn't get into sleep since i tried to sleep from 11.30pm until this moment. My mind is full of things. Maybe this is moment for me get my mind rest from the progressive time line. Everything just stop for me for a while.

I used to describe so called life since I was small, the only answer i could get was: Life is point of view. But now, the answet is just one part of it. Maybe...

Along this 21 years on the earth, I have gone through too much of things which are uncountable. I crept since I was baby, walked and then run; I suffered beating from parents; I cried; I lost to myself; surrundered to things against me; gave up music, gave up basketball, gave up too many things; too many things I failed to try; losing too many chances; I loved and being loved; I hurt someone and being hurt by someone; sometimes hurt until my hands were paralyzed shaking at the middle of the night; loved girls for years; went to seaside with family, very enjoyed; played guitar with my cousin; jamming with my best friends; first time performed on the stage, first time entered university life; first time to have motorcycle; first time facing serious accident with left leg's bone fractured; cried at the middle of the night for uncountable times; first to have own blog; first moving out from house and live alone out there; living with philosophy since small; having unique thoughts since born, had my first love since standard five; few girlfriends until now, new best friends; new memories; bought first electric guitar for RM 1250; firs time going out to work with dad at form three; drove lorry since form three; always argue with my sister since small until now; first time went to real concert that was Avril Lavigne's concert at KL; received gifts through birthday; chased by many girls; lost some memorable friends; being a school class teacher for standard one at PoiLam; being a clerk at development company; worked as promoter before; composed own songs; love cute things since small; since small, I loved the things which girls would like, e.g. dolldom; like to eat wantanmee since small; being more matured than others during secondary school; being a gangster when I was at the beginning of seconday school; I smoked before; I turned from a bad boy to a neutral boy; from losing out the study career until gaining back; learnt how to swim from my dad; learnt how to drive from ym dad; observed my dad how to survive in this society; observed myself how to live on from time to time; being hurt by girl until wanted to jump from high building to death; had elder sister before, but with sad ending; being a vice president of guitar club; studied form 6 at ACS; just for particular girl, cried for her almost every single night; get deep realization from mind night crying; being tougher of myself; being helpfull; being scheming; being selfish; being sincere; being considerable; being cool; being nice; being polite; being mature; being spoiled-manner; being danger; being horrible; being sweet; being down; being regret; being happy; being cheerful; being energytic; being sleepy; being stressed; being relax; being passion; being enjoyed; being scolded; being nature; being myself; being others; being unknown; gone through several stages of life; change from a kind of person to another kind of person; changing until this moment, living until this moment, awake until this moment, observe until this moment, realizing until this moment, having inner talks until this moment, there are too many uncoutable things that are in my life...

21 years; this figure is not very big, but not small also. I can do many things but also can do nothing along these years...

After I lived on the earth for 21 years, I feel that, life is a preicous ever thing I have ever met. It is three dimensionals, consists of time, space and one secret thing. I have three living principles in my life, but even after 21 years, one that is tight with me is philosophy. I do any action in my life is actually involved my own philosophy.

From now on, I will continue toughen my philosophy. Music is my living soul from time to time.

From the deepest saying, I'm still me, the same manner of thoughts when I was born in here. This is the only thing that will never changed until the end of my life. Because without this, I'm no longer me.

My phrase: 『做中學,錯中修;不要怕,不要悔。』

破萤 - 第一届拉曼大学乐塔创作坊歌曲创作发表演绎会 @ 28th June 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

See, performer, Kevin 谢立康. a guitarist... I don't want just a guitarist. In fact, I want be a composer! Yo! Next season i want send my composition to them... see whether can get a prize or not... hehex...
Above is the album which consists almost all the songs that composed by Utarians. It cost RM 18, but mine album is valuer than RM 18 o~, because i got all the signature from all singers!
Andy with the beauty singer from the song of "只想对你说一句 I'm sorry", her
Me with the great singer from the song of "只想对你说一句 I'm sorry", her name is Elle, major in PR, PJ university campus.
The chairman of yuetamusic...
My fren, ipoh guitarist...
Drumer and singer together with me in this photo
My fren, handsome helper...
Hahax... Andy, a strong guitarist in my band... yo!
My electric guitar...

Music instruments we used during the concert...

These were the photos that I captured down during this music concert.

The title of the concert is "破萤". This music concert really show that utar really got alot of music-lover... I know there are many people out there love music so much! You all are very welcome to join in, you no need know music instrument well, we here is to share music which is really essential.

During the gig, people asked me "how can i get the song that performed just now?" I told them the album is just over outside, u can buy anytime, it's RM 18 only! For those songs which are not recorded in the album then i'm sorry, I only can tel them is it is essential, u can't download anywhere but only listen once during the gig!

Sincerely, all the songs that being performed on that stage of the day are really nice... I miss it so much! but at least, i got the album which i can enjoy anytime... :-p

Gambateh yuetamusic! 加油 乐塔创作坊!

~Welcoming Concert~ @ 13th June 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Here are the photos about the welcoming concert...

When I was in the studio for practices...

Yo man... playing electric guitar la~

When rehearsal...

The heritage hall....

The concert almost starts......

Yo, that electric really cool man! Sure it's expensive!... But the sound really damn good la.. like it!

After the show, I took some photos with my friends...

They are the committee members...

This is one the lenglui from the committee also...

This is my handsome bassist also... cool...

However, the show was cool, we played so high on stage. As overall, we reached the requirement from the committee, it's my satisfactory.

Ok, now, new life begins!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Today, 29th of May. I'm sitting here at 1506/A4, westlake, kampar. Previous post like a mess. However, my new life should begin now!

OK, new semester, new thing, new start, new life! I want be a smart n' steady person. This is also what I always want! And I should be like that so that I have confidence to face new challenge!

Sleep at 11pm every night is good and wake up at 5am is best. What I want is to better than previous semester. I want 3.5 to 3.7. I don't know whether I can achieve this or not; but I'll try! Just go and try, this is my point. Can or not is another thing.

The sky is dark now, the street is silent, and I'm hearing my heart saying... Start from tomorrow, is another stage of life. Don't care what you done for the last, the future is right in front of you. Just go~~~

I'll follow what I discovered: 『做中學,錯中修;不要怕,不要悔。』
I'm here to live, not alive!

Good night~!

I don't know what i write... I'm not clear...

After discussed with gf. I decided to lower my aim. 3.5-3.7 is enough. It's better achieve "better" 1st than the "best".

Haiz... Many things out of control. Just do what my hands can do.

Many things I wanted to write here. But when sitting down, my mind is blank. I think it's too many and I don't know where should start from.

Hope everything will be fine...

Things are hard to predict. It's better to create it. See 1st ba...

Confidence should get back... Energy should get back... Time should get back...

I also don't what i'm talking on this post... Totally blur... Let it be...

Bye... Let it me...

Enjoy biscuit making... But the weather tourtures me...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Yesterday, I went to my gf's house to make biscuit! It was quite hard at 1st, but once I mastered it, the work became easier. The progress of making this kind of biscuit is slow. But it was very enjoy...

Maybe because of yesterday work, I didn't sleep well. The weather was damn hot yesterday! While I was sleeping at the middle of the night, my body sweating! The worst weather woke me up and ended me up headache this morning.

The climate change of the weather really bad. Who made it? is you and me, the human.

You can sacrifice many things to achieve what you want, but better don't choose health.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Agree? Many young people nowadays, will probably sacrifice their health to achieve what they wanted. It doesn't sound good to anybody, but everybody does so. Why? Because of the surrounding.

Everyday, most undergraduates will go their bed at a very late night. They have assignments, reports, tests, quizzes, discussions and a lot of coursework stuff waiting for them. Times being grabbed by those things. Sleep? Later first la~~~

365 days in a year, you will spend about hundred days just on the sleep. In other word, sleeping occupies about 27% of days in a year, while occupies about 30% of hours in your routine, on the average.

And some undergraduates, they may allow only 20% of hours occupied by sleeping per day, on the average.

We should have a normal sleeping habit, then your health will be ok. This everyone knows. But if you contribute less on your sleeping, your health will probably be affected. Come on, health is more important than others. Don't always choose the health as a victim. Once you lose health, you will lose more than that.

Occasionally, I know some situation may not allow you much on the sleeping, so you must remember after work, do some compensation on your sleeping. I think this is only way to gain back your health.

Remember o~ You always have the choice, don't always choose health as victim. Health is worthy than others. When you hear the 'victim' calling you from suffering, bring it out or else the person gets hurt is you.

When the semester starts, we fight! When the semester break comes, we sleep! Hahax...
Guys, happy holidays!

I know health is more important than study...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

As I said wanna achieve 4.0 CGPA in my up-coming semester, my girlfriend started to cool me down. She doesn't wish to see me forcing myself so hard to achieve good result. In fact 4.0 for me is a perfect result in academic.

My health seems like getting worse now. Headache comes to me frequently. When I sick, it takes long time to recover. My immune system is weaken now. I know, this one i know. And i know that my gf just want me to be happy and healthy through out the life.

Ok la, I say that however, I'll give a try to achieve 4.0 CGPA. Failure without a try will make me feel the sense of loss. At least let me to try it ok? Even though I fail, I'll fail with satisfaction.

My gf says that "during semester break, you should rest well, and it's only time for resting. Once the semester reopens again, you have to fight again, and you got very less time for resting."
OK la, I promise la... Even through I study next semester's stuff during my sem break, by the way, I'll get my relaxation well ok? And I'll always remember that without a healthy body, Others seem like pointless.

Tq to my dear~~~




『做中学』 - 做字在先,表示说任何东西与事件,都要有个“做”字在先。你一定要做;如果你不做,事情是不会有所跟进的。很多人都只是空想,想他们应该怎么开始做,到头来连第一步也没踏出。那我告诉你吧,梦想不只是纯粹拿来想的,那你还等什么?做啊!成功不是一种意外。你真正需要的只是东西的概念,其余的你都能从你做的过程中看到,而从做的过程中得到宝贵的经验。不在乎你走得多慢,只要你不停。世上的知识是永生求不完的,我们要从做的过程中学习,边做边领悟。

『錯中修』 - 错误﹑不对﹑误解﹑搞错﹑误会和过失都是在“错”字内,而这“错”字的含义其实很广,它还包含了不正当﹑不道德﹑不公正﹑不好﹑不法﹑毛病﹑缺点和生命中的种种流失。通过错,我们可以更加认识我们自己,从中调整我们自己的人品人格。凡事都需要我们去深思,事情不只是单单从表面就可以了解的。一旦错出现了,我们就该好好利用它以进行反省。错就好像是我们的导师,它可以告诉我们很多我们平时看不到的东西。有些人把错形容成“失败”,不管你怎么形容它,每一个错的出现,都印证了你已向对的出现跨前了一步;同样的,每一个失败,都表示着你已向成功跨前一步。没失败哪来成功?


『不要怕』 - 先听听这个吧~



『不要悔』 - 继续听下半段的故事吧。




资料来源:一些网络,和一本书 - 世界最简单的哲理书,刘华亭编著,德威出版。
希望您能享尽无穷!谢谢!Thank you~! ;-)

The frist semester of my univeristy life ended.

Monday, May 11, 2009

After 乱闯乱冲, the sem finished.

One thing so silly happened on me. I didn't even know that I needed to take one subject namely "English Language"; and I never attended too! The weird thing was I didn't get listed in the bar list! Haiz... when final examination timetable came out, I just saw it! The coursework marks is 40% and the final exam marks is 60%. I only can pass this subject with the mark from my final. I just done what I supposed to.

My aim for each sem through out the years is get at less 3.0 CGPA and above. But now, haiz... so hope la... I have to do something to compensate my mistake. I want to achieve 4.0 CGPA for my next semester. It sounds impossible... next sem, the subject is hard for me; physic, calculus & algebra, these are the subjects that I'm weak on it. How?!?! So I tell myself. My aim for next sem is 4.0 CGPA, but I must get at least 3.7 CGPA; if not, i lost to myself. So as to achieve this, this sem break i have to do something on it; that's study the things for next sem. I'll obtain the notes from my senior (ipoh). Haiz... this maybe is my cost for my mistake. If you ask me whether I have confidence to achieve 4.0 CGPA or not, I'll tell you that I don't have; but I'll build my confidence for answer you loudly, YES! Miracle is something unexpected!

Really, this is such a rare miracle for me. I'm not a strong student in acedemic. I'm just a normal student, who like to provoke. "4.0, I'm trying to get you!"

But after I finished my last paper, I ge sick already. I have to relax myself and recovering all my energy, then only my sem break-study can do smoothy... So cham! Others enjoy during their sem break, I have to study~~~

But I always remember what capt. Ariwa (speaker of program "Thinking-out-of-the-box") told me: If you want different result, you must be different la!

The "Structure" changing in relationship... In process

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Well, 1st of all, i sense something is changing...
How to say?

When the final examination approaching... Everyone is stress. It's normal...

When the final examination approaching... Everyone prone to grab more times to deal with his/her study. It's normal...

When the final examination approaching... Everyone will start to feel worry or fear about the preparation... It's normal...

When the final examination approaching... Everyone will tend to study over and over again with as many revision as one can. It's normal...

When the final examination approaching... Everyone will mainly put the focus on up-coming examination. It's normal...

However, When the final examination approaching... Everyone tend to ONLY focus on academic, It's also considered normal...

These all follow normal contribution...

The thing is... There are many things around you which are more than an examination... (which you also should contribute on~)

Please my friends, don't only focus on academic while neglect other more important things in your life.

As an undergraduate, study is important, but without vital objects around you; study is meaningless...

1506, 1519, 1446, 1468~~~

Come lo come lo.. buy Magnum lo....
When sem break as i go back to Ipoh, i really want to buy these numbers. See who's house number is the luck one...
If i win, i treat u all eat! Just if i win la... hahax...

My final examination timetable

Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is my final examination timetable, anyone just can refer...
After 11/5/09, then... haha.. haha..! But have to prepare much much before all of it.
This will be my first time having final examination in university... curios o~~~

Stress gift from Monica!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Guess what is inside???

When you open it...

Then it looks like this!!!

Really funny! haha! at least relaxing la... hoho~~~!

Same of the essential statements!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I can surely say that i have been long time didn't follow up my blog, the main reason is the life is too busy in university! Everyda have to busy, busy somthing like assignment, lab reports, presentation even no time to study.... but I often tell myself that "welcome to university life"~~~

Life has to go on...

NOT only me, everyone is the same, busy all the time...

Within the university life, there were many many things happened, too much there, can't describe fully in time.

But somehow, i really really learned a lot of things. I like to learn new thing even it have to been through a hard time. In fact, learning is an enjoyable process.

Below are the things that are essential through out the life... Let me share with you~~~:

-Stop bangau-ing!

-There is no ordinary moment, every moment is a choice...

-Every single event, you have a choice or even more, so, choice la...!

-When every mistake comes out, we should appreciate it because it just like our teacher.

-Every failure is a step forwards to succeed.

-Pareto's principle: 80 : 20

-Always provoke! Because this is the way to get great ideas and develop self improvement!

-Being a intergalactic thinking and critical thinking!

-Every problem has a solution, every solution comes from you.

-The best solution is the simplest solution.

-"Money" is a form!

Lastly, a principle that hold the universe is a law, which known as the
"Law Of Stability"

Whereas all the things in the universe are just in a "point of view".

3 big big eyes~

Sorry that I put such scary pictures... :-P

The Oscar Prom Night at UTAR~~~! - @ - 12/02/09

Saturday, February 14, 2009