Celebrating birthday with Jennifer

Friday, October 31, 2008

This is the place i went for the 1st time, that is MoonRiver at Kinta rive...
We had dinner there and walk there and chatting there... Is was a nice time with her. I wish her happy birthday and wish her achieve great result on her coming STPM examination.

Working just like torture my throat...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Working as a primary teacher, it just like torture my throat. Why?
The whole class is filled with 43 pupils whom from year 1 only. This kind of pupils are very naughty. If you want to control the whole class, you need a loud "speaker". That is why my throat always feel uncomfortable. But somehow, as a teacher, I still need to teach at whatever situation, because the responsibility is there.

After a hard time, another hard time began.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Once upon the time, i had faced an accident. I was driving my motorcar along the road, suddenly a van rushed out to make a 'U' turn. Instead, the road is 2 directions road but there is a double line between it, no one can make any 'U' turn on that road. I was shock. I was not able to make an emergency break. At last, the van knocked me. the hit point was on my left leg. So, my leg's bone was broken.

The story continued, when I have been struck, I fly out from the motorcar towards the air! At the air, nothing I could do, I didn't know what would happen when I land down, or didn't know whether I got a chance to land or not. Stricky speaking, I didn't even know the next second i could be alive or not.

Nothing I could do, only hope...

But, I successful landed...

With a several rolling and tumbling, I landed. I was awake. I knew I was fully injured. I couldn't stand up and couldn't even move a step. My hand twisted and my leg's bone broke.

Then people started coming to check me up, then a kind women help me called ambulance. Within a time, ambulance came. That was my first time in my life for being rode by ambulance.

In hospital, my operation was successful. The doctor managed to insert a supporting metal into my left leg. Then i stayed about 3 days then leaved hospital. I can tell you truly, the life at hospital was so hard. Not even that, when I came home, the hard time continued. I have to do many physical treatment. My moves were so inconvenient. Need people to look after me. It was a hard time that I could remember for my whole life.

After 2 years...

The above photo u can see was my second time to get in hospital. Just to remove the supporting metal inside my left leg. In fact it was another hard time. The pain, the tough, the patient and the cost is not easy to deal with.

Don't get yourself in trouble, try your best to avoid any harmful affair.
Every surgery, there is a pain and a risk on it. But I'm very clear by know that, there is a hope too....!

A Nature Shape of Love

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Somewhere from Malaysia, Ipoh, appeared a shape of love. From a flat ground, with a concave. Every-after rain, a love will appear which fill by water, with shadows reflect from surrounding. It attracted me to capture it down. This is something unique that merely exist in nature. But a question appears, would nature know the thing about love? Would nature could define the "Love"?

Would you could do so?

What i could be sure say that, love is abstract.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Dear viewers,

Alo! Nice to meet you all... Dear my blog viewers, wish you have a great time on my blog space.
You're welcome to leave any comment that is not harmful. And only two languages are available, that are chinese and english. You're encouraged to give various point of view and statement. Be noted that there may has some posts that are unavailable to leave any comment. Anyhow, wish you have a great moment. TQ!