2010: I can't get a new before I put. I only have 2 hands 1 heart.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010, has just passed. It is now being a past. All of it... PAST...
There are too many things to mention in 2010. Uncountable...
On my facebook profile, I posted this:
In 2010, for those who had wif me undergone hurt, laugh, cry, share, listen, talk, discuss, wisdom, regret, fun, great, mess, bad, hard, love, like, dislike, backstab, courage, help, enjoy, crazy, problems, failure, success, give up, give in & more & more, i would to say thank you very very much. Becos of u all, my life was fullfilled. No matter enemies or friends, I appreciate u all. See u next year!
My heart still here, although it has been incised deeply, but not whole.
Do someone knows, if you hurt someone, it is equal to hurt yourself?
But why we do hurt people? If it comes to a situation that hurting someone is a
better for both, it is good to do so, just for the sake of goodness.
"Hurt", is tearing hurting... "Hate", is freaking hating... and "Love", is utmost
loving... that is all i can say for my heart in 2010.
About "Love", I can't get a new before I put down all of it, because I only
possess 2 hands & 1 heart.

Dino Family gathering on Christmas 2010 at KL.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The gathering was great & simple... Really a simple gathering. Basically, we just meet, chat, eat, drink & chat... That was all. But we were very happy. lol~
Playing card at Ninja Joe...
All the beauties...
Everyone was busy on taking photos...
So happy to see their smiling faces...
Our T-shirt! Cool~! Only the weird thing is that when everyone wearing it at midvalley, people might think stupid of this.. :p
Yea, this gathering included my ex... And we all at gathering were nice and good... Miss them... Will have another gathering in the future~~~ good memories after all... :D

My internship has just finished greatly!

Finally my internship has ended! Haha! happy! Now is my holiday!
After months of hardwork, I eventually get a great result for my overall intern performance!

Seriously, I got a very good news on my feedback!
My supervisor praised me like hell~! :p really la.. no joking here..
She said: "you're very good, you got the trait of being leader, you have the right attitude on working, you only need I teach once then no need repeat anymore, you a very good helper, you will not stop at a stage, you tend to learn more and go higher, your working quality is very good & neat, trust me, you will be a successful person in future."
Referred to my supervisor, my colleges got say so... "He very hard working..." "He has the right attitude" "He can learn thing very fast." They even said, "why kevin go so fast???"
I just... WOW!!! I really surprised for this. Is a totally surprised! I didn't even know I've done that well.
Now I get to know myself even better, and I'm not going to stay at this stage, I'll keep on learning and improving...

I can't believe what I did. This phone number can reach her...

Friday, December 17, 2010

It was a susident, I thought of one person who I lost contact for almost 6 years. But her phone number I got still keeping in my locker. Then I took out, before trying, I was hoping the phone number is no more exist.

After pressing "call", then doo... doo... doo... Halo? Halo? Who? Erm... you're XXX? Who are u? Erm... I just try to call this number which I got long time ago, So you're XXX? Yea, who are you?

WHAT THE HELL!!! She is still using this phone number and this is she!!!
Yea, my god elder sister... Erm.. but now... I'm not sure...
Then I tried to help her recall who am I, then she did.
Both of us were in a stuck from moment to moment during conversation. It was a surprised for both.

Unconsciously, we talked for long enough. Then finally we stopped and say good night. Then I checked my phone credit, sweat. used up RM20++ which I just reloaded RM30, tomorrow gonna reload again.. =.=

During the conversation, she still like a elder sister, cares me... but sad case is, when she tried to say things to care me, I just only think of one person, who is my only god younger sister. Things she said were making me feeling that she doesn't understand me, and this made me think to my younger sister, she knows me very well.

For that moment, I just want my younger sister talk to me, not her. Sad... I have no meant to, but the reality is we did being separated for more than 5 years.

Isn't she still want to be elder sister? Or she actually pretending due to doubt. Or what? I don't really know. I don't even know whether I still want her. I actually don't think so... Haiz... But I do really very clear about myself that, my god younger sister is always on top of her. Miss her... WPJ...

My inspiring timetable I ever made... Wakakakaz...!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cool right? Wakakakaz! You can make your own one too! ^^
Happy happy new semester! Yuhuuuuu~~~! :D

Time to change guitar strings.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It has been quite a long time I didn't change my electric guitar strings. Cause save money. :P
So today, afternoon, I bought new set of guitar strings and changed it during evening.
It was about to start...
After removed old strings... I cleaned my guitar whole-heartedly... :D
Take a picture 1st...
Nice looking right?
Alright, it was about to put the new strings...
Continued with tuning. Finally, nicely done! :D

My grandmum's 93rd birthday.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It was bravo!!! she now already 93 years old, but look at my grandmum, cool right? With 2 fingers showing "yeah!" Hahax... We were all so happy... :D
Hope she can go through her 100th birthday! I'm waiting for that......

Another production from Slash!

Monday, November 1, 2010

I like the melody in the air with full of slash's solo...
Yea, he can consider my influence. Whenever I listen to slash's song, I really feel like picking up my guitar and do some solo. But I'm not satisfied with my own one. :(
Below is the cover of slash's album. He invited various kinds of singer to join him in this production. It is great. I get different types of inspiration from listen to his whole album. Rock!
For those of you not knowing him, then who's Slash you might wondering. Just see yourself by the picture below.
His real name is Saul Hudson. He is a worldwide famous lead guitarist in 80s. For more infor you can just google slash.
After listening Slash's album in my room with dimmed light, I'm total inspired. Then simply look at my electric guitar, I feel like to say "I love u" to it! HeHe... I feel nice to hold it and ROCK it! :D

Fobia on washing glassware.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Last Friday I broke a jar. Today, again, I susidentally broke a jar in lab... And get hurt too... Some more, it was at middle finger... really fxxk... =.=
My supervisor gave me a plaster. Hahax...
Since I entered university, I was so used to break glassware in lab. Most of time were due to slippery of my hands. Too bad... :-(

A song made me think of her...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today... when on the way to jogging... I feel bored with the CD then I changed another one. Then, this song get played.

Haiz... someone just appeared in my mind. It was her. My ex elder god sis. She had just disappeared in my life. Without a last word.

I still remember the last call I received from her was during my hard time at hospital. That time was just after the surgery. I broke my leg during an accident. I was freaking tortured on bed with only little movement of my body allowed.

She promised to come and visit me by tomorrow. But then, I had been waiting for all day long. Every shadow that passed through my room's door just gave me a hope on her. 1 hour was like 1 week. Eventually she didn't turn up. The day after, no more response from her no matter how hard I tried to get her.

I knew the answer. I just hope the sorrow can be buried deep down to my heart. I don't know why, I just don't hope to erase it. Maybe someday, it will raise to the surface when it needs to...

Wish you are happy and healthy...