I can't believe what I did. This phone number can reach her...

Friday, December 17, 2010

It was a susident, I thought of one person who I lost contact for almost 6 years. But her phone number I got still keeping in my locker. Then I took out, before trying, I was hoping the phone number is no more exist.

After pressing "call", then doo... doo... doo... Halo? Halo? Who? Erm... you're XXX? Who are u? Erm... I just try to call this number which I got long time ago, So you're XXX? Yea, who are you?

WHAT THE HELL!!! She is still using this phone number and this is she!!!
Yea, my god elder sister... Erm.. but now... I'm not sure...
Then I tried to help her recall who am I, then she did.
Both of us were in a stuck from moment to moment during conversation. It was a surprised for both.

Unconsciously, we talked for long enough. Then finally we stopped and say good night. Then I checked my phone credit, sweat. used up RM20++ which I just reloaded RM30, tomorrow gonna reload again.. =.=

During the conversation, she still like a elder sister, cares me... but sad case is, when she tried to say things to care me, I just only think of one person, who is my only god younger sister. Things she said were making me feeling that she doesn't understand me, and this made me think to my younger sister, she knows me very well.

For that moment, I just want my younger sister talk to me, not her. Sad... I have no meant to, but the reality is we did being separated for more than 5 years.

Isn't she still want to be elder sister? Or she actually pretending due to doubt. Or what? I don't really know. I don't even know whether I still want her. I actually don't think so... Haiz... But I do really very clear about myself that, my god younger sister is always on top of her. Miss her... WPJ...

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