My internship has just finished greatly!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Finally my internship has ended! Haha! happy! Now is my holiday!
After months of hardwork, I eventually get a great result for my overall intern performance!

Seriously, I got a very good news on my feedback!
My supervisor praised me like hell~! :p really la.. no joking here..
She said: "you're very good, you got the trait of being leader, you have the right attitude on working, you only need I teach once then no need repeat anymore, you a very good helper, you will not stop at a stage, you tend to learn more and go higher, your working quality is very good & neat, trust me, you will be a successful person in future."
Referred to my supervisor, my colleges got say so... "He very hard working..." "He has the right attitude" "He can learn thing very fast." They even said, "why kevin go so fast???"
I just... WOW!!! I really surprised for this. Is a totally surprised! I didn't even know I've done that well.
Now I get to know myself even better, and I'm not going to stay at this stage, I'll keep on learning and improving...

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