As usual...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The best thing about tonight is that I remained passive.

We had drinks & talks at Ipoh.
As usual, I'm the one who has been considered as "He's still studying, he doesn't know anything much about the real society"
Simply because of I'm the only one who is still studying.

But I feel that being like this is a better role among my best friends, there is no point to give so much of views in front of them without real experience. In fact, I experienced, it is just that the things I experienced and interpreted are totally different from them. There are contrast indeed.

Everyone has different thoughts. The concept of building up future is different. There were some topics where we had the same views, but when it went into real action, it became different. Why I use the word "different"? I'm just crystal clear about the "difference", I will become an alien among them if I tell them what my real thoughts are. For them, I'm the only one who has not come out to work (In fact I was the one who went out to work earlier than them [with my father]). So if I tell them about my views, they just think: "Aiya, when you go out to work like us, then only you know la. You talk to much also not practical." (Because of have not go out work right?) Sigh~~~

I initiative went outside world to talk to different people. Found things to work also. But I tell them non of the things I worked with. The reason is I don't want them to stop and discourage me, because they have different thoughts with me! Besides, what I worked with is the things they might no like it. At the meanwhile, I think the experience I got still far more not enough to get what my want, cause the major thing I want need an extra strong foundation. I analyzed the things I get from people, keep asking why, how, why, how, whyyyyyy? & howwwwww??? I had interpreted things from different angles, and I don't think that is enough, I want more "big angles"! I want see the picture as whole then only as least I get satisfied.

Nevertheless, I think it's good for me to remain passive and listen to them all the while. As least, I'm like usual, I absorb what they said, then I get more knowledge on it. It's fine for me to be like a stupid or "he's still studying, he doesn't know anything much". Because I'm still the benefit one.

However, I feel good to be with them. Love you all~

Pool stucking...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

These are damn situation on pool... Ah~~~~ how to cue it?
There are things in life like this... challenging... It depends on how u cue your dilemma...

My best Muslinese girl

She is my best best Mulism-Chinese girl.
Haha.. I'm just kidding, she is purely a chinese girl, just because she doesn't like to eat pork, so I call her ask Mulisnese.
I'm just suprised that this is her 1st time having "Dim Sum" in her life. Her virgin is on us (our classmates) at Ipoh. Haha!
As you can see on the dish, she seperated out the pork that she doesn't want. For me, I'm kind of pity on her, cause pork is just nice!!!


This is what chemist will do in university life.

They are my classmates, when it experiment is getting waited, we all will sit down and start gossip. In other word, doing laboratory works, beside from learning, it serves as platform for relationship development. We gossip gossip until experiment is done.

This picture is captured during my year 2 semester 2.

For me, it's a good sign, cause we fully utilized our time during lab. :-p