Stress gift from Monica!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Guess what is inside???

When you open it...

Then it looks like this!!!

Really funny! haha! at least relaxing la... hoho~~~!

Same of the essential statements!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I can surely say that i have been long time didn't follow up my blog, the main reason is the life is too busy in university! Everyda have to busy, busy somthing like assignment, lab reports, presentation even no time to study.... but I often tell myself that "welcome to university life"~~~

Life has to go on...

NOT only me, everyone is the same, busy all the time...

Within the university life, there were many many things happened, too much there, can't describe fully in time.

But somehow, i really really learned a lot of things. I like to learn new thing even it have to been through a hard time. In fact, learning is an enjoyable process.

Below are the things that are essential through out the life... Let me share with you~~~:

-Stop bangau-ing!

-There is no ordinary moment, every moment is a choice...

-Every single event, you have a choice or even more, so, choice la...!

-When every mistake comes out, we should appreciate it because it just like our teacher.

-Every failure is a step forwards to succeed.

-Pareto's principle: 80 : 20

-Always provoke! Because this is the way to get great ideas and develop self improvement!

-Being a intergalactic thinking and critical thinking!

-Every problem has a solution, every solution comes from you.

-The best solution is the simplest solution.

-"Money" is a form!

Lastly, a principle that hold the universe is a law, which known as the
"Law Of Stability"

Whereas all the things in the universe are just in a "point of view".

3 big big eyes~

Sorry that I put such scary pictures... :-P