Simple Wearing for Studying

Monday, January 12, 2009

This is my simple wearing for my routine classes. Simple shoe, simple clothe, simple pant and simple hair style is enough for me. Because for me, the rich should be inner, not the outlook.

The beginning of mine at UTAR

Monday, January 5, 2009

Here is the place I start my university life...
It's UTAR (University Tunku Abdul Rahman)
Well, it's a new beginning... I hope that everything will be fine... I hope I can get good result and proceed to my master level... It sounds like impossible... but with a try, it adds some tiny hopes...
Don't talk that far, back to university life. I'm talking the course of Bachelor of Science (hons) Chemistry. The buildings here are quite beautiful, and more new blocks are in process. Actually, I'm very enjoy the views of Kampar, surrounding by mountains, lakes, and trees.
I'm using my bicycle to drive to university, it's quite far, so bicycling just like a routine exercise. But one thing very meaningful for me, bicycling helps to save the environment.