A song made me think of her...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today... when on the way to jogging... I feel bored with the CD then I changed another one. Then, this song get played.

Haiz... someone just appeared in my mind. It was her. My ex elder god sis. She had just disappeared in my life. Without a last word.

I still remember the last call I received from her was during my hard time at hospital. That time was just after the surgery. I broke my leg during an accident. I was freaking tortured on bed with only little movement of my body allowed.

She promised to come and visit me by tomorrow. But then, I had been waiting for all day long. Every shadow that passed through my room's door just gave me a hope on her. 1 hour was like 1 week. Eventually she didn't turn up. The day after, no more response from her no matter how hard I tried to get her.

I knew the answer. I just hope the sorrow can be buried deep down to my heart. I don't know why, I just don't hope to erase it. Maybe someday, it will raise to the surface when it needs to...

Wish you are happy and healthy...

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